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Do you like dinosaurs? Do you like Jurassic Park? Of course you do, and you'll love Rexxit: Jurasssic Pack! Built by the creator of Mianite and Ultra Modded Survival, Rexxit is a high tech style modpack that includes dinosaurs, guns, planes, and more. You can build your own Jurassic Park complete with fancy gadgets and weapons to take down dinos should something go wrong. Play with friends or alone, it's your choice. With Rexxit, tech just got a whole lot more fun!

Rexxit: Jurassic Pack includes all your favorite high tech mods including Mekanism, Thermal Expansion, JurassiCraft, and more. JurassiCraft's recipes have been modified to include other tech progression, and custom structures will be added. And of course, all your favorite utilities such as WAILA, Not Enough Items, and Voxel Map are included. With Rexxit, it's all about play!